System F MKII

The entry level to our premium world!
Unique in its class.

ASCENDO System F MKII / Production Period 2012 - 2016

Music enthusiasts of all styles of music are fascinated by the effortless and dynamic way in which the System F MKII generates even the lowest bass, and by its outstanding resolution. Fitted with ASCENDO´s advanced and patented technologies SASB, as well as VTA, TOS and BACYC, its perfect timing sets standards and contributes decisively to the realistic sound image of that exceptional speaker. Its backward firing TOS unit allows for an airy and spatial sound image, even when positioned close to a wall. Sounds reverberate audibly longer, the spatial impression becomes even more authentic. Owing to BACYC room effects are minimized.

The immense constructive efforts with fully separated and effectively decoupled bass / midrange and treble units, as well as the quality of the components used, like Furutech Rhodium terminals, are pathbreaking in this class of speaker.

Plays convincingly even close to a wall

Numerous international awards and excellent test results from all parts of the world underline the superior sound quality of the System F MKII.

  • Realistic reproduction of music
  • Great musical resolution
  • Modular construction
  • Proven decoupling from room (optional)
  • Selected and matched components of high quality
  • Real piano lacquer
  • Development and production in Ansbach, Germany
  • Comprehensive warranty - can vary depending on country.