D6 Active with SMSG15

North German HiFi Days 2019 (Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2019)

My first encounter with ASCENDO took place at this year's North German HiFi Days in Hamburg. And, this encounter emerged itself as a huge surprise. At first, there was this visually inconspicuous setup, but then the demonstrator browsed through his vinyl collection and pulled out the record "Polizisten (Policemen)" from the German band Extrabreit. A German New Wave song of the 80s spinning on an audiophile system? Inwardly, I almost dismissed this demo as wasted time ... until the first notes reached my ears. Immediately, my previously restrained prejudice got revised. What the setup here in play rendered in terms of dynamics and control, simply knocked me off my feet. A sound that literally pressed me into a comfortable sofa, just generating pure fun. Throwing a glance over my shoulder made me aware of other slightly grinning faces, obviously my fellow listeners were experiencing the same. lite-magazin.de