Loudspeaker passive

Classic design and perfect technology für unique moments of listening

Those music-lovers who regularly attend concerts, and know what “live“ music sounds like, appreciate the uniquely authentic sound of ASCENDO reference speakers. With their patented ASCENDO technologies SASB and VTA, they are amongst the most advanced acoustic transducers worldwide, and have repeatedly earned international acclaim.

Like for our System-Series this also applies, of course, for our Coax-Series. With the loudspeakers of the C- and D-range you can expect top-class transducers for perfect musical enjoyment.

Authentic reproduction of music on the highest level possible. Time-coherent, and with fascinating resolution across the whole frequency range, our reference speaker is able to reproduce your favourite music almost as in a concert. Recording location, placement of the musicians, simply anything you feed into the System M5S is presented in a fascinating way.

The System M5 is an outstanding loudspeaker. The way its high-performance drivers play coherently, absolutely seamlessly and synchronously, is virtually intoxicating. Equipped with the patented SASB bass / midrange system and one of the best bass drivers in the world their lowlevel reproduction is in a class of its own.

A miracle of Three-Dimensionality
These elegant TOS columns bring about a wonderfully airy and three-dimensional sound image in any system configuration. Single tones decay noticeably longer and more extendedly, the spatial impression is rendered more authentic. Beyond that TOS allows for three-dimensional listening off the sweet spot.

High End Technology in Perfection
ASCENDO´s passive subwoofer Sub1-S was systematically developed for ultimate signal integrity. Its ideal sound reproduction quality is made possible by an extremely fast transient and decay behaviour as well as a superior drive / mass ratio.

This gorgeous loudspeaker in classic Bauhaus design convinces with its very natural, homogeneous and truthful music reproduction. Thus it is able to position music in an emotionally captivating and dynamically gripping way. The System Z5 reproduces real low bass in a most undistorted way and thus opens up the stages of this world.

Our D9 has extraordinary qualities. Endowed with ASCENDO´s most recent patented and extremely advanced technology, the Coax point source driver and four additional high-performance drivers, it plays wonderfully homogeneously, musically and, at the same time, tremendously dynamically and punchy.

The D7 impresses in all respects. Endowed with ASCENDO´s most recent technology, two highperformance woofers, a Coax point source and a rearward TOS unit it performs in an incredibly balanced and three-dimensional way, and, if asked for, with extraordinary punch and dynamics.

Equipped with the highly developed ASCENDO Coaxial Time Coherent Speaker Technology, the elegant D6 Passive can fully exploit the great advantages of a true one-point source. Absolutely authentic sonic performance, paired with a perfectly symmetrical dispersion and a holographic spatial imaging, are just a few of the exciting advantages of this exceptional loudspeaker.

Correct timing is an essential criterion for an ideal loudspeaker. The human ear reacts very sensitively to the timing (phase) of acoustic signals. This has always been, and still is, crucial for survival, be it in the face of predators or automobiles: precise hearing - what, when, and wherefrom.

A loudspeaker plays time-correct when all frequencies of a given signal arrive simultaneously at the listener´s. The criterion of time-correctness is essential for the ideal loudspeaker, because our auditory sense reacts very sensitively to the time response (phase) of sound signals. For our survival it has always been extremely important to hear: what comes when from where.