Loudspeaker active

Everything for the benefit of the music

The perfect synergy between ASCENDO loudspeaker and amplification technology fascinates with its enormous dynamic prowess, exceeding any kind of HiFi standard! From minimal changes of sound volume (micro-dynamics) to virtual explosions of sound pressure levels (macro-dynamics), everything is conveyed instantaneously, without delay and unlimited. Only by this stupendous “acceleration“ the finest changes of sound and volume can be realised within a given listening environment. You perceive the faintest, just hinted at noises, the slightest changes of sound colours, but also dynamic leaps with enormous slew rates.
This immediate response of the ASCENDO Active systems turns your listening session into a live experience, and makes you get immersed in the music.

You are already in possession of the outstanding loudspeakers of the System or Coax Series, and would like to listen Active? No problem! We can turn your loudspeakers into  active ones, without any problems.

The new M5S / M5S.SE Active with 2 x 1650 W sinus represents the logical further development of a groundbreaking concept.

Like the M5S ACTIVE the ASCENDO M5 ACTIVE also excels in almost limitless micro- and macro-dynamics, coupled with a nearly inconceivable rendering of tone colours.

These elegant TOS columns bring about a wonderfully airy and three-dimensional sound image in any system configuration. Single tones decay noticeably longer and more extendedly, the spatial impression is rendered more authentic.

ASCENDO´s subwoofers SUB1-S / S.SE ACTIVE have been systematically developed for ultimate signal integrity.

This gorgeous loudspeaker in classic Bauhaus design convinces with its very natural, homogeneous and realistic music reproduction. It is able to transfer music into the listening environment in an emotionally captivating and dynamically thrilling way.

The D9 has exceptional capabilities. Fittest with the newest patented and extremely advanced ASCENDO technology, the Coax point source, and another 4 high performance drivers it plays wonderfully homogeneously, musically, and punchy.

The D7 impresses in all respects. Fitted with ASCENDO´S latest technology, 2 high performance bass drivers, the Coax point source and the rear TOS unit, it plays incredibly balanced and spatial.

Timelessly modern and straightforward in its design, the D6 Active fits into any living room and fascinates with the ease of projecting the music three-dimensionally into the room. Instruments and voices sound remarkably corporeal and authentic.

This beautiful designed speaker combines highest component quality and highest manufacturing standards of the worlds best highend loudspeakers with the superior responsiveness and dynamic performance of the highest quality drivers from in the professional audio segment.

The Sub for High End Audio and Cinema
With its fully-active, DSP controlled and network-compatible SMSG 15 subwoofer ASCENDO has landed a coup. Few moments suffice to realize why, with its SMSG 15 subwoofer, ASCENDO has further improved on exclusively highly advanced technologies from the professional sector.