Live 15

The reference of live music reproduction


The name says it!

The Live 15 has already attained reference status for live music reproduction.

Two massive and extremely fast 40cm professional woofers, custom made to ASCENDO specifications, and two of the absolutely best professional coax drivers with an enormous diameter of 30cm, are driven by 3,300 W sinus (pair).
Already with the first tone playing every listener realises enthusiastically: these dream loudspeakers play within a league of their own, with regard to authority, dynamics, low bass, bass pressure and absolutely distortion-free peak levels. Beware! Danger of addiction! Immediately your foot starts tapping, and you get immersed in the music.

HiFi Stars 31:
Finally – voices! It did not take us long to agree that Sara Bareilles‘ "Brave Enough“ (listened to at almost life-like levels) delivered exactly the right mood and intensity. The boys kept wondering again and again "Are you dumb now, buddy...?!“ (in German/Bavarian "Bist Du deppert…?!“)

The Live 15 combines this incredible performance with the outstanding advantages of the best point source drivers, as there are a very natural homogeneous sound image, perfectly graded three-dimensional spatial imaging, and best-possible intelligibility.

The alternative to a live concert!
Goosebumps and lots of joy when listening to music guaranteed.

  • design and power;  fully active with 2 x 1650 W sinus
  • 40 cm woofer
  • 30 cm Coax driver
  • switchable between Cinema and High End stereo mode
  • superior in Cinema mode as  2 x Sub and Left + Right 
  • 3 channel DSP controlled
  • digital correction of room acoustics
  • analogue and digital inputs
  • AVB network compatible
  • LED ambience light