Research and Development

The Ideal Loudspeaker

For two decades ASCENDO has been researching on the “ideal“ loudspeaker. This research includes in particular the field of sound production, sound propagation and sound perception.

It has always been and still is, crucial to our survival to hear:
The timing of sound signals is particularly important, because our auditory sense locates the direction of a sound by means of the interaural time difference between the left and right ears.

Furthermore our auditory sense reacts very sensitively to minutest level changes, but not to absolute levels.

With 120 dB the dynamic range of our auditory sense is surprisingly wide.

We can perceive minute sounds like the fall of a pin, but also extremely loud noises like the take-off of a jetplane.

ASCENDO and the Ideal Loudspeaker

The ideal loudspeaker plays time coherently at the listening position, with its drivers generating a coherent wave front. From very low to very high frequencies it transmits all signals with high resolution, great dynamics and without distortion.

Very low level sounds in particular are reproduced without loss. The sound character does not change with decreasing sound levels.

In very simple terms the ideal loudspeaker incorporates the advantages of the best point sources and the efficiency of very large multi-way loudspeakers.

This combination of perfect time response - at any listening position - and great efficiency cannot be realised with conventional loudspeaker technology.

ASCENDO´s superior technology is based on its own fundamental research into “the ideal loudspeaker“. This development, extending over several years, was, inter alia, also sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology.

That ASCENDO´s technology excels in combining perfect time response and great efficiency was also confirmed by Jonathan Valin, one of the leading American audio magazine editors, when he wrote in his review of the ASCENDO MS in “the absolute sound“:

“The designers drafted the MS with the sound of electrostatic speakers such as the Quads in mind: they sound like electrostatic speakers, only with a much better high and low frequency performance, and much better dynamics.“ (Note: the sound of pure electrostatic speakers thrills listeners for their excellent time response in particular)

Since this statement we have always continued with our own research efforts, and consistently refined and improved our loudspeakers. Only by means of the extremely advanced, and patented, ASCENDO technology is it possible to get very close to the “ideal loudspeaker“.

The result is a uniquely authentic sound image. This enables those music-lovers who frequently attend music performances and therefore know exactly what music sounds like in reality to experience, with great content, a recording location as if real.