Wood / speaker cabinets (System-Series)

The cabinets are produced in Metzingen, by an old-established carpenter´s workshop specializing in high-quality furniture.

Paintwork / Coating (System-Series)

Next the cabinets are coated in real piano lacquer of highest quality. After having put on primer with great care, 10 - 12 layers of polyester coating are applied, with the intervals between each coating becoming shorter and shorter.

Here the correct duration of the drying times is essential. A lot of experience is necessary for determining these times, and, among other things, they depend on air moisture. This process lasts 2 - 3 weeks.

After that the cabinets are polished by hand. This lasts, for example for a System Z5 woofer cabinet, 8 hours on average. Only then imperfections become visible (imperfections mean to grind off the lot and start again).

With a System Z5+, 6 modules (treble module, bass module, base) are manufactured and coated individually. Of all kinds of coating real piano lacquer is by far the most sophisticated.


All custom-made products are manufactured in-house to given specifications and with great precision , by an experienced staff member.

Assembly and testing

All ASCENDO models are assembled with great care in our factory in Ansbach by specially trained staff. Of course only components of the highest quality, e.g.. Furutech-Rhodium binding posts, Mundorf coils, etc., are installed. After that all speakers, without exception, are checked meticulously in the ASCENDO measuring room.

Assembly and testing

Manufacturing quality

Each speaker that leaves our factory complies with our high standards. No speaker that does not pass the optical, acoustical and measurement checks with bravura leaves the factory!

Manufacturing quality