Already at the age of 12 Norbert Heinz and Stefan Köpf together started developing and constructing loudspeakers. The teenage years of the two music-loving and technology-crazy friends were accompanied by regularly changing sets of equipment with large speakers, man-sized subwoofers, Revox tape machines with Studio DBX, first moving-coil cartridges, self-developed and -constructed amplifiers.

The first speakers which, equipped with SASB, VTA and the special ASCENDO filters, came very close to the ideal speaker, were the models System M and System K. The unofficial start of ASCENDO took place at the High End in Frankfurt, in 1999. There System M, System K and the DASK1 were presented to the music-enthusiastic audience for the first time.

For more than 15 years ASCENDO has been researching on the “ideal“ loudspeaker. This research includes in particular the field of sound production, sound propagation and sound perception. It has always been and still is, crucial to our survival to hear: what comes when and wherefrom.

Each speaker that leaves our factory complies with our high standards. No speaker that does not pass the optical, acoustical and measurement tests with bravura leaves the factory!

ASCENDO speakers present a remarkable degree of stability of value. They are not subject to any sonic and optical mainstream, owing to the exclusive application of high-quality components and materials. Their timelessly straightforward Bauhaus design is always up-to-date.