The magic of the point source

Coax D9 active


plus 2 x DNA 1000.2 HE

The magic of the point source:
The D9 has exceptional capabilities. Fittest with the newest patented and extremely advanced ASCENDO technology, the Coax point source, and another 4 high performance drivers it plays wonderfully homogeneously, musically, and punchy. Standards are also set by the powerfully deep and high-resolution bass reproduction of this stunning loudspeaker, as well as its transparency which makes it possible to hear the finest details, even within the most complex music passages.

Driven by 2 x 1000 W sinus, which are fed directly into the drivers, its power and dynamics are exceptional. Smallest changes of volume and sound, but also enormous dynamic leaps are reproduced quite naturally. You are able to hear so much more detail!

With the D9 Active you are going to re-experience your music collection!

  • extremely dynamic, high resolution  and effortless
  • four-way loudspeaker
  • Coax
  • DoubleTOS
  • 2 x DNA 1000.2 HE
  • high gloss piano lacquer black + white