D6 Active

Enthusiasm and enjoyment in listening to music

D6 Active, Enthusiasm and enjoyment in listening to music


Timelessly modern and straightforward in its design, the D6 Active fits into any living room and fascinates with the ease of projecting the music three-dimensionally into the room. Instruments and voices sound remarkably corporeal and authentic.

Each D6 Active draws its power and sonic quality from the integrated proprietary award winning active DNA unit, equipped with a world-class 650W amplifier module, fully customizable in its parameters with the in-house developed ASCENDO Speaker Management technology. The direct connection between the two integrated high-end mono amplifiers and one of the world’s best coaxial one-point sources allows for transforming instantaneously and highly accurate audio signals into music, thus avoiding any losses imposed by a passive crossover. Even the most delicate tonal fragments, which conventional loudspeaker concepts can practically hardly reproduce, sound on a par with the deepest beat of a drum or the highest note of a triangle. The sonic experience is immediate, direct, simply authentic.

Fits in every room, plays in every room
As one of the few active loudspeakers, the D6 Active can be fully calibrated to any kind of room. Even facing the most difficult spatial conditions or installing it very close to a wall, the integrated room adjustment feature guarantees the outstanding sound quality of this thoroughbred loudspeaker. Even minimalist all-in-one players will perceive the D6 Active as an ideal sparring partner.

Flexible and customizable
The D6 Active, which can be easily operated via a web browser, allows for different sound settings with just a few clicks, individually tailored to the room, to your own listening preferences or to specific music genres. Even very personal listening situations such as "Evening - quiet listening" can be easily configured.

The D6 Active as a preamp
Operation via a web browser also permits to switch between the inputs and to adjust the volume. An additional preamplifier is therefore obsolete.
In the test review of the magazine "LP" from January 2019 author Jochen Schmitt gets to the heart of the D6 Active:

„This is what we call a true full active speaker: easy in use, very flexible in its possibilities and with a magnificent sound. And all of that paired to a visual sobriety that lets the speaker find its place in any living environment, and that makes it look very elegant.“

ASCENDO D6 Active Test