ASCENDO, simply closer to your music

For two decades, ASCENDO has been doing research on the “ideal“ loudspeaker. The results of our work are systematically implemented in the development and production of our loudspeakers. This you can hear, see, feel - and enjoy each day.

ASCENDO stands for

its own basic researchextraordinarily natural and dynamic reproduction
its own developments in HiFi, Cinema and Professional Audiolistening without fatigue and with correct timing
a multitude of patents and protective rights for audio developmentslow-level listening without sonic loss
outstanding product quality and product consistencybest-possible integration in your home environment - also regarding its acoustics
long warranty periodtimeless Bauhaus design

Classic design and perfect technology für unique moments of listening

Not many people succeed in harmonizing fascinating reproduction of music and timeless design. Owing to their classic Bauhaus design our transducers can be integrated into almost any domestic environment, and delight with even the minutest carefully developed and produced detail.

Sonically they are amongst the leading speakers of their respective class and fascinate their listeners with a natural and live-like performance of any kind of music.

ASCENDO - listening to music without limitation.